The Sony SS-B1000 Review

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

sony ssb1000

The Sony SS-B1000 may not win the budget bookshelf speaker contest, but it does a respectable job at an incredibly modest cost. Users have reported its sound as being crisp, clear and having a "glamorous sheen."

The SS-B1000 features an 8 ohm load and 87dB efficiency, making it ideal for entry-level receivers and amplifiers. In our tests, these speakers produced lively yet crisp tones with good coherence and musicality as they handled louder material without too much distortion; they handled louder material well enough as well. However, their lightweight construction limited bass depth resulting in lower frequencies being reproduced inaccurately without compromising detail or musicality; their lightweight tonal balance often leant towards edgey rock/ electronic/ contemporary genres while classical/jazz tunes displayed more neutral tones.

These 2-way performance bookshelf speakers boast a compact and space-saving design in black with 120W handling capability and 50kHz frequency response with their 5 1/4" Advanced Highly Oriented Polyolefin (HOP) cone woofer behind their grille and 1" Nano Fine Balanced Dome tweeter. Perfect as stereo mains or home theater surround speakers; wall mountable or stand mountable stands; even pairable with subwoofer for enhanced bass response and superior sound reproduction!

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