The Tannoy Mini Autograph Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

tannoy mini autograph review

The tannoy mini autograph review is the diminutive descendant of one of Tannoy’s most revered loudspeakers. Its diminutive size and impeccable finish create an utterly convincing modern-day replica of the original. Its elegant lines make a beautiful addition to any sophisticated environment.

Unlike a lot of speakers with old-timer trappings, the Mini’s quality is not merely skin deep. The oiled walnut veneer and solid walnut trim are flawlessly finished. The non-parallel cabinet disperses internal standing waves and reflections for virtually imperceptible colouration, while its high-density construction controls low frequency performance. It also eliminates mid-frequency ringing and provides tuning that makes the speaker acoustically coherent.

Although the tannoy mini autograph is small, it sounds full and expansive. Its titanium tweeter delivers a response that goes out to 54kHz, and the crossover is carefully integrated with the driver, so there’s no coloration or phase distortion at normal listening levels. Even at these lower frequencies the sound is lively and clear, and Tannoy has wisely refrained from trying to make the Mini a miniature Wilson MAXX II.

The Mini’s midrange is especially impressive. It is warm and lively, but never harsh or brittle, even at very high volumes. It draws a very natural dynamic flow for each individual instrument, so vocals and voices have the right character and feel. It is also quite revealing, so it’s not the ideal choice for hip-hop or the White Stripes. It’s best for jazz, blues, and folk music.

David Sunnyside
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