The Taylor GTE Blacktop Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The taylor gte blacktop review

Taylor’s newest body style, the Grand Theater, offers a sleeker look than its siblings while packing some serious sonic punch. Sized between a GS Mini and Taylor’s classic Grand Concert, the GT’s compact form allows for easier playability without sacrificing tone. Add in the onboard ES2 electronics and this small-bodied guitar will be at home both on stage and in the studio.

This model features a solid spruce top paired with back and sides made from reclaimed urban ash harvested from municipal areas of Southern California, reflecting Taylor’s commitment to sustainability. This pairing yields a rich and woody tonal foundation that amplifies and records exceptionally well, and cuts through a mix with ease. In addition, the asymmetrical C-Class bracing boosts volume and sustain while keeping the tone sweet and responsive.

The mahogany neck features a soft V shape that sits comfortably in the hand, with string spacing and lighter tension inviting chording and flat picking. A striped eucalyptus wood (along with the bridge and headstock overlay) adds visual appeal and a little bit of extra resonance to this already full-sounding guitar. The fingerboard is a comfortable medium radius, with enough curve for fretting and bending but less than Gibson’s more ergonomic jumbo radius.

David Sunnyside
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