The Trane XC95M Review - Is it Worth the Investment?

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The trane xc95m review is Trane’s top-of-the-line modulating gas furnace. This high-end unit boasts a great AFUE rating and is sure to help you save money on your energy bills. While it’s one of Trane’s pricier models, it may be worth the investment for your home.

This model features Comfort-R technology to ensure better air circulation and prevent heat loss. It also uses a variable-speed blower motor to provide steady, consistent airflow without making any noise. In addition, it’s direct vent, which means it can be installed without ductwork. It’s a good choice for smaller homes like bungalows, cottages, and condos.

Another benefit of this model is its low 2% air leakage, which is impressive for such an efficient furnace. This is due to the fact that it uses a silicon nitride hot surface igniter and is designed with a fully insulated blower compartment. It’s also a good choice for homes with allergies because it helps to reduce the amount of dust in the air.

If you’re interested in upgrading your old furnace with this highly efficient model, make sure you hire a professional HVAC contractor that’s licensed and insured. It’s best to get 3 or more written estimates before choosing a company to install your new furnace. This will ensure you get the quality installation and long-term performance that you deserve. You can also ask for a warranty on your equipment when you’re getting it installed. Some manufacturers will give you a lifetime warranty on their products.

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