The Un60ku630dfxza Samsung Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

un60ku630dfxza samsung review

The un60ku630dfxza samsung review is one of Samsung's least expensive sets and yet offers the high-end Smart TV design that has made its more costly models so popular. It's also a lot of fun to use, with a smooth, fast dual-core processor that's responsive enough for even demanding apps.

Its IPS panel didn't produce quite as deep blacks or crisp contrast levels as the best LCD panels, but it was still excellent for a midrange TV. The color palette was accurate, too, with vivid saturation that easily outperformed the Vizio and Panasonic. The 12th chapter of "Skyfall," for instance, exhibited only a slight hint of the bluish cast that plagued the Panasonic and the forlorn, washed-out LG.

As with the more expensive UNF6400 and UNF8000 models, the 6300 includes Samsung's class-leading Clear Motion Rate technology for judder reduction. This works by flickering the backlight at 60Hz, which greatly reduces the distracting ghosting that can afflict 24p content. The picture mode settings also allow for adjustments of blur reduction and smoothness, as well as the class-leading Soap Opera Effect (which provides true film cadence with no judder on most modes).

As with the higher-end models, the 6300 uses the new Tizen 2016 OS with all its bells and whistles. Navigation was quick and the slick, Android-style interface feels just as responsive as on a smartphone. Like the other 2016 Tizen TVs, the 6300 has five different home pages you can flip through with icons: On TV; Movies and TV shows (on demand); Photos and music (DLNA, USB, and cloud-based media); Social (Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter); and Apps.

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