The Unusual Suspects (Hulu Review)

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

the unusual suspects hulu review


When it comes to solving murder cases, the detectives usually have only a few suspects to consider. The bitter ex-husband, the vengeful business partner, maybe a petty criminal with a short fuse and an appetite for drama. But sometimes, a case takes an unexpected turn—and one of the most unusual suspects of all is the killer’s own family.

In this Australian series, social media influencer Sara Beasley (Miranda Otto) and her long-suffering nanny Evie De La Rosa (Aina Dumlao) form an unlikely bond when they become the unwitting victims of an elaborate jewelry heist in the wealthy suburbs of Sydney. Despite their different backgrounds, the women work together to pull off their one-time scheme and avoid being caught.

The heist premise gives the four-episode limited series plenty of room for broad comedy and farcical situations. But it also touches on serious issues, including the power dynamics between the rich and poor, sistahood, inherited versus earned wealth, and class prejudices. The show, co-created and written by Jessica Redenbach (“Spirited”), treats these considerations with sensitivity and never lets them overshadow the fun of its plot.

It takes a few episodes to get past the frenetic opening scenes, but once you do, the story really kicks into gear and the characters really develop. The more Sara and Evie treat each other shabbily, the more we root for their comeuppance. And the more we see the nannies interact with their employers’ families, the more we understand how close they are to each other, as well as the extent of their mutual dependency.

David Sunnyside
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