The Walking Dead - Why Did The Governor Kill Martinez?

July 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

When The Governor murdered Martinez in episode four of this season, there was a lot of debate about whether or not he acted with a higher sense of morality. But, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead showed that the Governor is still a dangerous and murderous creature. He’s just not motivated by any grand vision — instead, he’s driven by what instantly benefits his worldview. Martinez was a threat to that worldview and needed to be removed.

The episode opens with the Governor and his new surrogate daughter Meghan (Meryrick Murphy) on a supply run in the woods. They encounter a camp with a small group of survivalists led by Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo). Martinez informs The Governor that he’s now in charge, letting him know that anyone who does not contribute to the community will be cast out, no exceptions. He also warns him against getting involved with a family as it will only get him killed.

After a quick fight, The Governor agrees to join the camp if Martinez is in charge and they can vote on a leader as soon as possible. As they go to his cabin, the posse passes two headless camo-clad corpses with labels attached to them: “Liar” and “Rapist.” Martinez makes the gang enter his cabin first, which is filled with all sorts of grotesque decapitated bodies. The posse then finds a pile of zombie heads in the refrigerator — perhaps a reference to all those zombified heads he kept in his fishtank back in Woodbury.

David Sunnyside
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