The What in Tarnation Meme Goes Viral

January 9, 2024
David Sunnyside

The internet is full of weird memes, and it’s even harder to figure out what’s going to be the next big one. But when you find a meme that actually works and people are using it for real-life situations, that’s the jackpot! This is exactly what happened when the “What in tarnation?” meme went viral. People started captioning pictures of household pets and other animals with this expression. The result was hilarious. But the internet didn’t stop there. It applied this caption to everything that could rhyme with “tarnation,” and even threw in some famous celebrities.

Originally, the what in tarnation meme got its start when someone on Tumblr posted a picture of a dog wearing a cowboy hat with the caption, “what in tarnation.” The post ended up getting thousands of notes and reposted on Reddit’s /r/dankmemes. From there, the rest is history. Since then, people have been using this caption on all sorts of pictures, especially ones featuring animals or anything else that would work with a cowboy hat. The results are always entertaining.

The meme is also very effective when used with celebrities who are already known for wearing cowboy hats. It’s a great way to make them look extra ridiculous. Take a look at some of the best examples below.

David Sunnyside
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