Theragun Wave Roller Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Theragun Wave Roller is a high-end, Bluetooth-enabled vibrating foam roller that takes self-massage to a whole new level. It connects to the Theragun app via Bluetooth and enables you to create pre-training & recovery routines at a varying intensity. You can also control the frequency of vibration from within the app which makes it easier to find that just right setting to ease the pain in your muscles.

The Roller is part of the Therabody Wave Series which includes two other rollers - the Wave Duo and the Wave Solo. The three rollers combine powerful vibration therapy with an innovative wave texture that adapts to your body’s unique physiology to help reduce muscle pain, increase mobility and enhance relaxation.

They’re all built around a central core that’s slightly smaller than the standard foam roller so they are less dense and more comfortable on your skin. They also have a much smoother surface than the more traditional and harder textured rollers which make them softer on joints. The softness also allows you to use the roller on more delicate areas of your body, where a standard foam roller could hurt - for example the neck, collarbones, armpits or groin area.

Like the hero product Theragun (which we’ve reviewed already), these products from the parent company Therabody offer percussive therapy to target deep muscle aches that can be difficult for a manual massage to reach. This technology is what makes them stand out from their rivals and it’s the reason why they cost more.

David Sunnyside
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