Thornbird Tires Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

thornbird tires review

A review of thornbird tires

The Thornbird is one of the most distinctive off-road style tires on the market. This tire was designed to give off-roaders the strength, durability and stability they need to get through challenging terrains and still provide good traction on the street.

In order to achieve this unique versatility, Interco designed a special tread with large, siped lugs. The lugs are designed to not contact the road when on the highway, but as soon as your vehicle is off-road they transform into a toothy monster that provides decisive traction in forward or reverse.

This is a truly revolutionary design and has earned its place in the legendary ranks of Super Performance.

The Three Stage Lugs on the sidewalls do not touch highway surfaces, but as soon as the Thornbird gets into mud or snow they provide decisive traction in forward or reverse. Fiberglass belts under the tread and polyester body plies contribute to a really smooth comfortable ride.

TSL / THORNBIRD was designed for people who want a true "all-terrain" rubber with good ride quality on asphalt, but also need the off-road characteristics for expeditions and Trophy Raids. It is a perfect tire for hunters and fishermen, gas and oil workers, and anyone who wants to live an active lifestyle.

This tire is a jack of all trades but master of none. It delivers capable traction on most off-road terrains but falters when it comes to mud and snow. Narrow tread voids pack up and make it difficult to keep your vehicle moving forward.

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