Thrive Comments Review - What it Does, How it Works and Pricing

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

thrive comments review

Comments on your blog are an important indicator of your readers’ engagement with your content. They show that your content is a topic people are interested in discussing, and they can help you build an audience of supporters who will be ready to buy from you when the time comes.

Thrive Comments Review: What it Does, How It Works and Pricing

Thrive Comments is a WordPress commenting plugin designed to boost your comment counts and improve engagement with your site. It’s a versatile solution that offers many configuration options.

The plugin utilises your existing WordPress comment database meaning that you don’t have to migrate to it or move away from Disqus (as you would with many other commenting plugins). It’s easy to setup, and you can quickly see how it works before you make any changes.

In addition to being simple to use, Thrive Comments uses gamification to encourage regular visitors to engage with your content and each other. It does this by providing rewards for commenters who achieve certain criteria, such as approving a comment or submitting a featured comment.

Thrive Comments also features a voting system, and moderators can display badges next to their name if they meet certain requirements. These can include the number of approved or featured comments, or a specific comment upvote score.

In addition to this, Thrive Comments lets you redirect commenters to a custom URL or send them to an opt-in form if they’re not already a member of your email list. This can be an effective way to convert first-time commenters into email subscribers.

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