Tips for Safely Buying Litecoin

November 25, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Litecoin (LTC) is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency sometimes called the "silver to Bitcoin's gold" because of its ability to conduct transactions quickly and cheaply. Litecoin, like Bitcoin, is limited in quantity. The maximum number of Litecoins that may ever be created is 84,000,000, making it four times as valuable as Bitcoin. But when compared to it, Litecoin has certain unique advantages. The Litecoin network is derived from Bitcoin's underlying technology with some tweaks for increased transaction performance.

Instead of every 10 minutes, the Litecoin network bundles transactions into blocks every 2.5 minutes. As a result, the transaction fees and transfer times will be lower than those of Bitcoin's network. The trade-off is that Litecoin's ledger grows in size four times as fast as Bitcoin's. If storage capacity doesn't increase in tandem with the size of the blockchain, the network will become very concentrated and vulnerable.

Putting money into cryptocurrency has never been less of a hassle than it is right now. Learn the ins and outs of how to buy LTC, including selecting a dependable exchange, and what makes this cryptocurrency so special.

What Makes LTC Unique?

Litecoin stands apart from the crowd in a few critical ways.

To begin, Litecoin employs a software algorithm called Scrypt for mining rather than a proof-of-work system like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This makes it slightly more difficult for people to build very powerful bespoke computers or rigs for the sole purpose of mining money. It boasts one of the quickest transaction speeds of any digital currency.

Litecoin is the third largest cryptocurrency and the most popular among investors since it is the most cost-effective. In 2022, Litecoin’s price reached approximately $77. Now that we’ve disclosed what makes LTC unique, let’s get into how you can get your hands on some.

Selecting a Cryptocurrency Exchange

The most frequent method to purchase Litecoin is through dependable exchanges, although a few investment and payment applications also offer cryptocurrency. Here are things to look for in a Litecoin exchange:

  • Security. Examine the platform's security procedures and if there have been any occurrences in the past, such as hackers or stolen payments. The security of your crypto assets and personal data should be your priority when selecting a crypto platform.
  • Transaction costs. Both purchasing and selling cryptocurrency are subject to associated costs. Make sure the site you choose has reasonable costs in comparison to other major marketplaces.
  • Convenience. Investing in cryptocurrency shouldn't be a hassle, so choose a platform that you feel confident utilizing.

Set Up Your Account

After deciding where to purchase Litecoin, you must register with that exchange. However, most exchanges have a "Get started" or "Register" option prominently displayed on their front page. It will ask you to fill out some basic information such as your full name, your email address, and your phone number.

Coin exchangers must also do identification checks. You must go through a few important know your customer (KYC) steps to verify your identity and understand the financial risks and activities. Until you do this, you will be unable to purchase cryptocurrency, or you may be limited in your purchases.

Expect the following information to be provided throughout the KYC process:

  • Date of birth;
  • Social Security number;
  • Address;
  • Image scan of current, valid photo identification such as a passport, driver's license, or ID card.

Decide How Much Litecoin to Purchase

A good rule of thumb to follow when investing in Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency is to only put up money that you can afford to lose.

Prices for cryptocurrencies are very unpredictable and may suddenly surge or plummet with no warning. Don't save for retirement with cryptocurrency and avoid using it in times of crisis. You shouldn't put more than 5-10% of your wealth into cryptocurrency.

Take into account how frequently you anticipate needing to purchase Litecoin. While some invest on a more consistent basis, others may make sporadic, significant purchases. Many investors find that dollar-cost averaging into cryptocurrencies is the best strategy.

Making investments on a regular basis is the key to dollar-cost averaging. Every two weeks or once a month, for instance, you may put $250 toward Litecoin purchases. This works well for volatile investments since even if the price lowers, you haven't put in all your money at once.

Final Thoughts

After you've completed those procedures, you'll have your own Litecoin. One last thing you may want to do is check into crypto wallets where you may keep it. Many investors maintain their crypto on the exchange where they acquired it, but moving it to a crypto wallet is a fantastic method to have additional protection.


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