Tips To Design An Engaging Product Page Of Your E-store To Boost Conversions

December 22, 2021
David Sunnyside

While gaining visitors is one thing, getting them to buy from you and avail services is a different story. To convert them from visitors to customers, there are multiple techniques you can apply. To help you out, we are here with 9 easy tips that you can begin with.

These tips are very basic and are the foundation of building product pages that bring in sales.

9 Tips to Design a Product Page That Improves Conversions

Below are 9 tips to boost conversions through product pages:

  • Use images that work
  • Keep it clean and simple
  • Use CTAs properly
  • Write product descriptions that are easier to read
  • Work on faster loading speed
  • Display key information first
  • Add videos
  • Build trust
  • Update and follow trends

Now let’s get into the details of each of the above points.

Use images wisely

Online shopping depends largely on images. If the customer can't see the product well, he will be unclear about it. With an unclear idea, he won't risk buying it. To prevent that, you should add clear, high-quality photos that show the product from different angles.

That way, the customer will know exactly what the product looks like, and you won’t get bad reviews.

Make sure to use a good camera and keep the same background in each photo. Also, use original images, and optimize them to rank on search engines. For great aesthetics, you can use a plugin/extension that does the job automatically.

One option is the Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension that lets you display photos in albums from multiple options. You can place captivating images that catch the user's eye and even add videos from Vimeo or YouTube as you wish.

Another option is the Photo Gallery plugin for WordPress that lets you make stunning albums within minutes. These albums are user and mobile-friendly and have rich features to personalize your experience.

Keep it clean and simple

To make your product page stand out, you might wish to add as much data as you can, but that clutter can overwhelm the customer and he may retreat. While working to your max is a great thing, overdoing the product page can work negatively.

To avoid that try to keep things to the point, simple, add spaces, write meaningful content, add relevant images. Give professional vibes, and make it easy for the user to understand the product and your brand.

Use CTAs properly

CTAs stand for call to action, and they are used to make customers take necessary action. On your product page, you would want customers to click “add to cart” or “check out” buttons but optimizing these buttons is very important.

That includes using the right colors and placing the buttons in plain sight. If the button is hard to spot and hidden in the cluttered text, the user will feel lost and might leave the site.

Therefore, use bright colors to bring attention to CTAs and make sure it’s easy to spot, understand and follow.

Write product descriptions that are easier to read

While text can be a bit boring, you can make it interesting by combining the product features with product benefits. Add the most important text and key points first.

That way users which don't go into detail will easily read it and understand what the product delivers, what it's like, and what are its important features.

For customers who like to explore a bit deeper, you can add a drop-down menu for further details. That way you will be able to serve all kinds of customers easily.

Work on faster loading speed

A great customer experience is no doubt an essential part of good marketing. One of the major things that improve that user experience is fast loading speed. If your product pages load fast, and the scrolling experience is smooth, customers will find it easier to move across the page.

If the page is slow, images take ages to load and the shopping experience on mobile is not on point, you will disappoint the customer.

Thus, keeping things simple and optimizing images can help with speed.

Display key information first

People only spend a few seconds on product pages while shopping.

To make sure you retain them for as long as possible, add the key details first, instead of adding unnecessary details. Add images, product descriptions, and CTAs first and in a concise way.

As people start reading from the left side, you should add the most important elements on the left side. That element can be images or descriptions based on what your unique selling point is.

Add videos

Who doesn’t like watching catchy videos right? Videos are a great way to convey your ideas in a fun way that is easy to understand for the customer. Through videos, you can help the customer in understanding product features, how to use them and how well it’s made.

That improves customer trust, gives a professional image, and helps retain the customer for longer for better SEO (search engine optimization).

With increased engagement, you get more audience and that positively affects conversions.

Build trust

Trust is a very important factor that can make or break your marketing strategy. While there are many options to choose from, for many customers it is important to opt for a brand they can rely on for their issues and problems.

That is why adding FAQs, return and exchange policies, detailed descriptions on product quality and customer care facilities is crucial. When the customer knows you take their problems seriously, they rely on you with their time and money.

Update and follow trends

Keeping up with trends has become the norm for brands. As seasons vary, so do customer needs.

Thus, brands should make sure they are aligned with it. Whether it's a festive season or a new fashion, incorporating that on your website is a great step.

Revamp, redesign and update your product pages with time so it doesn’t remain the same for ages. Customers get bored of the same layout, thus renovating it can be a good idea. You can update web pages for festivals like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Labor Day, or any event that your target audience loves and enjoys.


In this article, we discussed 9 tips to improve your product pages for increased conversions.

We recommend you keep things simple and work on page speed for a better customer experience. Try to add relevant info first and add a drop-down menu in case some user wants more details. Try to add videos and high-quality images to increase customer engagement.

Highlight CTAs like “Add to cart” so customers can easily find it and make sure to keep your policies clear and straightforward to build trust.

Lastly, keep up with trends so you know what customers are following and how you can serve their needs.

While the above tips are fundamental and promising, we recommend you dive deeper into this topic to gain maximum advantage.

David Sunnyside
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