Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt For 3D CAD Software

March 11, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

In 2022 it was estimated that by 2023, the global CAD market would reach more than 11.2 billion, just in the US. This phenomenal software which is on its way to bringing a new revolution to modern-day engineering, is seeing quite a surge in recent years.

With the commencement of product development,t CAD has always greatly assisted in understanding and explaining the product to stakeholders and customers. However, when it was limited to 2D CAD, there was always a limitation that engineers faced.

Some of them are lack of opportunity for cloud collaboration, less automation, and recycling taking more time than the initial production. This to only name a few. With the advent of 3D Computer Aided Manufacturing, designers could accomplish more in a limited time. Thus, providing aid to people’s time management problems.

What Is 3D CAD Software?

A 3D CAD is a high-tech technology that has allowed engineers to create virtual yet very realistic prototypes of 3rd-dimensional objects. This helps create a much more intricate and well-designed prototype, helping your customer understand the minor detailing of the product. Plus, it is better than 2D CAD as one simply has to create each part of the model and then assemble it.

In 2d CAD, however, requires more time since the process is quite linear, and one mistake can lead to a redesign in some cases.

Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt For 3D CAD Software

Here are the top three reasons one should opt for 3D CAD software when designing a prototype of a new product. In the day and age of virtual reality, audiences are far from simply seeing a 2D model. They want the full experience by looking at their screams, especially in the machinery and automobile industries.

1. The Possibility Of Cloud Collaboration Designing

Cloud has been an integral part of every business after the pandemic. Giving ease of access and collaboration when working from different locations. However, cloud collaboration is possible when it comes to 3D CAD.

Latest 3d Solidworks, like leading SOLIDWORKS Singapore Partner are already placing 3D designing cloud collaboration into the trial. Since most of the design is planned, designed, and assembled, it is easier for multiple stakeholders working on one design to pick apart a singular portion and work exclusively on that.

2. Cutting Down On Design Approval Timing

Design approvals timings are long with 2D CAD. This is because of its linear reputation riddled with disapproval from different stakeholders. Unlike 3D CAD, which is mostly designed and assembled, the linear process can complicate things.

With 3D CAD, any disapproval can be handled better without redesigning entirely. 3D CAD designs are much easier to understand, hence easier to provide input, especially for non-technical stakeholders who do not have much knowledge of the engineering aspect of it.

3. Realistic Animations Which Attract Audiences

Most of the browsing and buying happens over the virtual arena now. Rarely will a stakeholder, or a potential customer, drive to the store to check out a model closely. Schedules are getting busier, and automation is trendier.

Therefore, creating attractive virtual designs can help get attention within a short amount of time. Plus, it also eases the decision-making process for anyone planning to invest in a product since they are able to receive 80% of the information virtually.

Why 3D CAD?

The best part about 3D CAD software is the ease of reusing. Now, most of the design prototypes or products, or logos are reused and recycled. However, when it comes to 2D CAD, an engineer has to begin from the top, as opposed to 3D CAD, where changes can be made to specific parts.

Many fear the transition because of how cost-consuming it might be. However, investing in Solidworks is a lucrative investment, as it has the potential to bring more income, along with more time on your hands.


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