Top 5 Software Tech Jobs in the UK

July 23, 2021

software jobs

Jobs that are within the information technology (IT) sector are known as software jobs. The IT sector is one field that grads are flocking to. Individuals with IT abilities are in high demand as organisations and society become more connected with technology. Software jobs typically require utilising software programs and advanced skills to maintain and create IT networks. Read more about software jobs below.

Furthermore, the software tech sector in the UK is the most prominent one. There will be a demand for many IT positions in 2021 as the industry continues to grow. It pays to have the abilities that pay well. So, if you are all set to take the next step in your career and dare yourself with new responsibilities, it’s time to see into the promotional chances.

Several software jobs offer high employment opportunities. Moreover, when the occupation is in high demand, you can expect a strong pay package. In this blog post, we will share the top five software tech jobs in the UK that you should look into. So, take time to read about them and decide which jobs fit your experience, qualification, and interests.

1. Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded Software Engineers are primarily responsible for creating and implementing software for embedded devices and systems. They may also be responsible for assessing and monitoring the system’s efficiency and stability.

Furthermore, embedded systems are mostly in demand in consumer electronics, medical sciences, aviation, manufacturing science, automotive technology. A standard embedded system needs a wide variety of programming tools, operating systems, and microprocessors.

Moreover, microelectronics and embedded systems have highlighted the value of technology in our daily life. An embedded system can be found at the heart of your favourite MPS player, GPS in your car, your microwave oven, and many more.

As we approach ubiquitous computing, nearly everything from a coffee maker to a toaster is driven by an embedded system. So, if you are thinking of pursuing a career in this IT field, you are on the right track. In addition, if you are an embedded engineer, you must be ecstatic at the possibility of many job opportunities available for you.

2. Software Architect

There are so many definitions for a technical or software architect. However, in most general terms, a software architect is an expert-level software developer who communicates with clients and businesses to design and execute solutions with a group of software engineers. In more precise words, they usually perform as a developer, designer, and communicator.

Furthermore, the software architect sometimes also make technical standards, such as tools, platforms, or coding standards. There are various tools available on the market that help the software designer develop and manage a program or application uninterruptedly and smoothly.

Moreover, software architects might also be involved in designing the architecture of the hardware environment or might focus completely on the design methodology of the code. Besides, if you are a software designer, you must know how to find the software results that adjust to the company’s goals and technological requirements.

Nowadays, it is the most demanding sector in many parts of the world, the UK specifically. With good experience in IT, technical skills and communication skills you can find the right job for you.

3. PLC Software Engineer

PLC software engineers usually work in electrical engineering and IT companies. They are responsible for the continuation of machines and factories that utilise programmable logic controllers. In addition, these are small computers that possess inputs and outputs, a built-in operating system, and interfaces via which user programs can be loaded.

Moreover, PLC programmers optimise, develop processes and do maintenance and fault diagnostics once the method has been executed. They frequently focus on techniques to visualise the processes that are taking place to improve the operability of a system. Besides, PLC software engineers also work in sales and offer customer assistance and training to clients regarding the application and use of PLC systems.

Additionally, they guide clients on possible changes. Typically, PLC programmers have vast knowledge in the area of computer science and programming skills. They have a command of common programming languages; in soft skills, they can work structured and think analytically. Mainly, good English skills are required to get a job in this field.

4. SCADA Software Engineer

SCADA represents Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a software and hardware system that permits large organisations to control operations locally and in remote locations. Moreover, they can also analyse real-time data while directly communicating with devices beneficial to the business. This could include things like pumps, valves, motors, and more, which is done through the HMI software.

On the other hand, SCADA engineers are responsible for the operation and maintenance of all communication channels. These link computers with equipment that is managed remotely. SCADA systems are used to automate operations, and they can collect and evaluate data coming from remorse devices. The SCADA experts guarantee that this data will flow smoothly, allowing large-scale processes to operate without interruption.

SCADA systems and procedures are employed in various sectors, and their failure can be disastrous. However, with a skilled SCADA software engineer, this can be avoided. Finding a good SCADA engineer is not difficult if you consider using a professional SCADA engineer recruiter such as Samuel Frank Associates, they have the appropriate professionals. And, If you are a SCADA engineer looking for a job in a reputed field, you will find this platform useful.

5. C++ Linux Software Engineer

A C++ software engineer is an IT specialist who has proficient knowledge in the C++ language, which is usually used in combination with Linux, Java, UNIX, and Ruby. Moreover, C++ software engineers can design, develop, and evaluate computer programs that are high level and technical in their design.

Apart from this, they might also give technical support to staff, test their designs and developments, or work on an adviser basis. Furthermore, being a C++ Linux software engineer, you must generate Linux libraries and services for ARM and x86 architectures. You will create new features that allow you to run MATLAB/Simulink-generated code on LINUX OS on dedicated hardware or in the cloud.

Moreover, C++ Linux engineers are particularly worthy if they have at least five years of experience, coupled with a four-year degree in mathematics, computer science, or physics. If you acquire all these skills, you will find several job opportunities in the UK. You can even expert contact electronics recruitment agencies to get one.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed reading about software jobs. Lastly, read more articles like this one on our front page.


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