Top 5 tools of UAT testing

January 31, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

User acceptance testing (UAT) is a critical phase of software testing where actual users test the software to ensure it meets business and user requirements. Choosing the right UAT testing tools is crucial for efficient and effective testing. Testsigma leads the way as an innovative AI-based test automation platform purpose built for UAT and end-to-end testing. Let's explore 5 Top UAT Testing Tools


Testsigma is uniquely designed for UAT testers with little to no programming skills. Its easy-to-use recorder helps create reusable test cases using simple English. Robust locator strategies like AI-based image recognition, text recognition and advanced web locators ensure test resilience across web and mobile apps. Pre-baked integrations with CI/CD tools gets you started with continuous testing in no time.


Selenium is the most popular open-source automation framework allowing test scripting in languages for web application testing. Its simple Selenium API commands speed up test coding. However, attempting to build test automation without programming knowledge can be futile for UAT teams in Selenium. Being a code-centric framework, it expects users to script from scratch and enhance scripts for resilience. Additionally, Selenium provides only basic command logs and screenshots rather than intelligent reporting and analytics offered by commercial tools. This makes analyzing test results challenging.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio provides an easy-to-use interface and visual recording capabilities for test automation. Its rescording features allow updating existing scripts through simple updates. Katalon also offers built-in integration with popular CI/CD platforms. However, with changes in application, scripts created in Katalon can break often leading to increased script maintenance effort. Its element identification relies on basic attributes which struggle to keep up with modern dynamic UIs. As teams scale, Katalon’s per-user pricing model can drive up costs making it less viable for large enterprises.


For online, mobile, and desktop apps, TestComplete offers a modular, code-free solution to test automation that enables automated user interface testing across interfaces. Its keyword-driven testing approach gives testers freedom. Comparing TestComplete to open-source and cloud-based solutions, its licensing structure may, however, prevent smaller teams from using it. Before teams can begin to see a return on their investment, they must also commit a significant amount of time and effort into learning the unique test automation technique and maintaining the resiliency of their scripts.


With Ranorex, testers can easily automate codeless tests by recording and replaying test scripts for user interface validation without having to write any code. Cross-browser test automation is made possible by its recognition engine, which can detect UI components in a variety of desktop and mobile browsers. However, teams must obtain Ranorex licenses, which may be costly for bigger teams, in order to fully utilize Ranorex. Furthermore, since JavaScript scripts break rapidly with even the smallest changes in application, maintaining the durability of the recorded test scripts demands expertise of the language. For testers, this results in increased maintenance overhead.


Understanding what is UAT testing, tools for user acceptability testing have advanced significantly, moving from complex frameworks with lots of code to intelligent AI-powered systems. Ease of use, resilience, integration, and analytics are all essential features that one looks for in a UAT automation system, and Testsigma delivers all of them. Testsigma is still at the top of the UAT automation market thanks to its creative and all-encompassing methodology, which produces more test coverage, quicker feedback, and speedier release cycles for both technical as well as non-technical teams.



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