Top Millennial Interior Design Trends

March 28, 2024
Natalie Thorburn


Millennials, born between 1980 and 1995, have a huge impact on home décor. After all, they order design projects and dictate interior design trends. Industrial and antique style, adaptable furniture for multipurpose spaces, wood, customized lighting, wallpaper, plants, and natural materials — these are just some of the emerging trends that will impact home décor in 2024. Let’s dig a bit deeper in order to get an idea of how modern interior designs will look.

What Millennials Prefer in Interior Design

This generation prefers places that reflect their personalities and are pleasant to stay at while requiring minimal financial commitment. However, these are far from the only things that millennials value in interior design. Here are some other features to add to the list:

  • Smart tech solutions;
  • Neotenic design features;
  • Open floor plans;
  • Design motives of 70s and 80s;
  • Efficient use of space;
  • Outdoor living.

Every interior design trend opens a lot of opportunities for both designers and homeowners to enjoy every inch of the space. For example, you can arrange a comfortable and stylish corner if you live in a sunny country, such as the UAE, and order outdoor furniture like outdoor table to create a space that you will be happy to spend time at.

Outdoor Living Areas

Millennial purchasers value dedicated outdoor areas for socialization and leisure, understanding their importance to physical and mental health. These places might include spacious backyards, rooftop terraces, or balconies outfitted with outdoor seating. The good news is that there are more than plenty of outdoor cushions, or swimming pool furniture that you can purchase. They come in different shapes, colors, and styles. So you will have more than enough options to choose from. Furthermore, a popular trend in millennial houses is to include low-maintenance plants like succulents and cacti, tastefully displayed in modern planters, to improve the attractiveness of these outdoor getaways. This is just one of the many yard decoration ideas.

Smart Tech Integration

Millennials are fast to accept new technology in their homes, using smart gadgets to make living easier and more energy efficient. This includes automatic lighting and floor lights, climate management, security systems, and voice-activated assistants, as well as smart speakers and appliances to help them with their everyday tasks. For example, you can get outdoor furniture with some automatic features or lighting for your late-night stays.

Neotenic Design

Neotenic-inspired interiors are making a comeback after being popular in the 1980s. Neotenic furniture from PARASOL, in sharp contrast to the nothing-but-neutral era's clean, uniform lines, is all about the curves, exhibiting softer lines and unusual, bulbous forms with individuality. Neotenic furniture and décor, which is borderline fanciful in shape, exudes nearly childish imagination and instills happiness with its warm, welcoming appeal. To incorporate neotenic style into your house, choose décor with a distinctive or rounded form that seems like it belongs in a contemporary art gallery. A curved-back, armless sitting chair is a great way to showcase your interior design skills and make a big statement in your room.

brown wooden bed frame with white and brown bed linen

Open Floor Plans

Millennials usually choose multipurpose homes that include kitchen, dining, and living areas. They like versatile design, with social kitchens often including broad islands for seats. These homebuyers, who like home cooking and eating, are enthusiastic about using open shelves to showcase equipment and materials in their houses. There are some other solutions for storage dividing solutions to use.

Designs from 70s and 80s

If you like unique statement items, psychedelic forms, and out-of-this-world lounge settings, you'll adore this growing interior style. The 40s and 50s mid-century modern fad seem to be coming to an end, making way for stylish reintroductions of 70s and 80s interiors. This year's contemporary interiors include sculptural items, interestingly shaped sofas, and materials such as travertine, terrazzo, and velvet. Want to join the modern renaissance of the eras? Check out estate sales or even your grandparents' basement for unique, cheap statement items like armless cantilever chairs or a huge arc floor lamp to add to your eclectic collection.

Efficient Space Use

Millennials value space efficiency in their house designs. They prioritize simplifying living rooms and using practical storage solutions like built-in cupboards and multi-functional furniture to improve their environments. Modern house interiors often incorporate adaptable workspaces to meet remote work needs. With the integration of living and working spaces, Generation Y prefers well-designed facilities that can effortlessly shift between work and pleasure.

Follow the Trends!

Millennials who are currently owning houses are moving away from extravagant art pieces and decorations and toward utility and minimalist design concepts with clean lines. They emphasize building warm and comfortable living places while expressing their personalities and using the best outdoor furniture.


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