Top Web Design Trends for 2023 - A Look Into the Future

June 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Top Web Design Trends for 2023 A Look into the Future

A rebellion against minimalist trends, digital maximalism embraces overstimulation for a rich viewing experience. This trend allows designers to offer users customizable experiences for their websites, prioritizing engagement and entertainment over intuitive navigation.

With lightning-fast load times a critical factor for site success, website visitors demand quick access to information. Websites that prioritize this need are rewarded with higher rankings and more users.

Clean Layouts

Websites have become more than just a platform to advertise products and services. They are also a place where people can build trust with brands. This is why it’s important to include trustworthy information in your web design.

In 2023, users will be more confident in using website iconography. This will allow designers to implement hover-triggered helper text over icons, reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Using a short video introduction is another way to entice visitors to your website. This path-breaking trend can be effective in delivering your message and increasing retention rates. This is especially useful for businesses in the medical and finance industries.

Parallax Scrolling

In an era of short attention spans, it can be challenging to keep people engaged on your website. One way to do that is with parallax scrolling.

A parallax effect allows you to add depth to your site. It can give your content a more interesting and engaging look or make users feel like they are physically moving through different landscapes.

You can also use it to show off your brand. For example, creative agency ToyFight uses it to subtly display a hand with a "rock on" sign at the bottom of every page. It's a delightful way to delight your visitors and keep them on your website.

Y2K Aesthetic

A fresh and interesting way to attract more visitors to your site is by using illustrations. This is a new trend that web designers are experimenting with.

Huri notes that this “more-is-more” approach to design is reminiscent of 90s aesthetics and grunge styles that have been popular among the Gen Z generation. She suggests incorporating this style through colorful overlays, website gradients and imagery to bring out the dopamine-inducing colors of 2023.

Large font sizes are also a web design trend that will continue to grow. This is because it ensures that your website is accessible to all users and helps in improving navigational flow.

Graphical Elements in Photos

If you want to make your website more interesting for users, try using kinetic typography. It’s one of the newest web design trends 2023 that makes your text move in a way that attracts the attention of users and helps them absorb your message.

The key to this trend is to create a scrolling experience that’s meaningful for visitors and keeps them on your page longer. This will help reduce your bounce rate and increase the likelihood that they’ll interact with other parts of your site.

Minimalism is a web design trend that promotes efficiency and allows you to present your content in a clean, organized manner. It also gives your audience a sense of trust in your brand.


In a world of rushed, digital experiences, people crave feeling again. This trend brings soft, tactile design elements into the web sphere like scrapbook-inspired visuals, handwritten typography and doodle illustrations.

While minimalism is often misinterpreted as stripping a website of all details, attention to these subtle elements can make a website feel more responsive and alive. For example, a search bar that changes in appearance when users type a word is an excellent microinteraction that makes a website more engaging.

People will also spend more time on websites with moving 3D visuals. This is one of the best ways to grab and maintain a visitor’s attention.

Dark Mode

One of the most important web design standards focuses on keeping page loading speeds as high as possible. Slow websites discourage users from taking further action and may cause them to leave the website completely.

One way to make a website more appealing to visitors is by using bold typography. It’s also a good idea to use text that is of an unusual size as this creates a fresh, unique look for a site.

Another popular web design trend is adding short videos to the homepage. This helps e-commerce websites entice their customers and allows them to showcase their products in real-life scenarios.

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