Toshiba Regza LCD TVs

May 16, 2023
Justin Lumiere

toshiba regza

Toshiba revived the Regza name with a line of LCD flat-panel televisions ranging in size from 15-23 inches, designed and produced by Taiwanese company Compal Electronics. Toshiba hopes these TVs can stand out among an increasingly crowded market segment by featuring cutting-edge technologies designed to differentiate them from competition.

PixelPure3G (14-bit processing designed to eliminate picture artifacts and reduce noise); DynaLight (dynamic backlight adjustment to optimize contrast); ColorBurst (wider color gamut); ClearFrame (120Hz screen refresh rate, to reduce motion blur without flicker or reduced brightness); CE-Link (HDMI-based control codes for integrated TV and A/V source devices with one remote) are among many new video processing technologies being made available for review.

Five Toshiba LCD models feature 3D capabilities, including 2D3D Conversion Technology which transforms left and right-eye images delivered through side-by-side systems to near HD quality in 3D. Furthermore, all five sets include Toshiba's CELL REGZA arithmetic processing engine and advanced CELL platform.

Toshiba TVs now come equipped with Dolby HDR technology, a dynamic high-resolution display format which provides better contrast and deeper colors than standard HD formats. HDMI ports support Dolby Vision compatibility for many streaming services like Netflix and Disney+; furthermore, these TVs support Dolby Atmos surround-sound support when connected to external audio systems or home theater receivers that come equipped with Dolby Atmos support.

Notable features of these TVs include their USB port for JPEG photos, DIVX videos, and MP3 music files - located conveniently on the back. Furthermore, an IR pass-through port enables control of other connected devices not within reach of its operational buttons; additionally an HDMI input; composite Video In with stereo Audio Outs; an SD Card slot offering up to 64GB storage; as well as digital Audio Out with fixed volume are all provided on this panel of connections.

Toshiba, like many manufacturers, is offering consumers multiple smart platform options with its TVs. Their Android models can connect to Chromecast and Google Stadia for access to a wider array of apps than what comes preloaded onto the TV's own UI; additionally they support Amazon Alexa alongside Google Assistant - unlike Panasonic which has gone all-in on Alexa support alone. Toshiba seems more open to allowing consumers to select what ecosystem works best for them.

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