Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 Review

July 11, 2022
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Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 Review

Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 Review

The Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 is a step up in laptops. It offers super speed, LED, and widescreen. As well as a web camera. It’s perfect for streaming movies and games for long hours. Additionally, a huge bonus is that this laptop features a backlit keyboard. Perfect for working into the night. Or watching movies in bed. It is a touchscreen and has a multi-touch keyboard. Furthermore, it also includes stereo speakers, as well as two microphones. Check out the Toshiba Satellite  S55-C5274 Review.

Memory and Storage:

Toshiba S55-C5274 Review comes with a memory of 16 GB RAM and the storage of this model is 1 TB. The battery is a 4-cell Lithium-Ion. This allows for roughly 3 hours of battery life. Not the most ideal for travel. However, it isn’t a problem if you are working from home and can charge it throughout the day.

Operating system and Display:

Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 has a resolution of 1366 x 768. As well as LED technology. The screen size is 15.6 inches. This is incredible if you are planning on streaming movies, or plan to play games on the device. It also weighs 5.2 lbs, with a depth of 10.2 inches. The height is just under an inch. Maybe not ideal for traveling, but perfect for playing. Additionally, it comes with Windows 7 and Windows OS processing system. 

Processor and Graphics:

Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 comes equipped with an Intel GPU graphics processor. It also features wireless communication of 802.11ac and Bluetooth. The network interface is Gigabit. Furthermore, the chipset has enhanced speed technology. 

Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 Review Laptop Pros:

  • Great storage space
  • Voice command
  • Wide screen size

Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 Review Laptop Cons:

  • 3 hours battery life
  • Gets warm faster than other laptops

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