Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset Driver Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Tour Edge is one of those rare golf companies that excels at both ends of the equipment spectrum. Their Exotics line has been a winner on tour and a favorite of avid players for years while their Hot Launch family is all about delivering overwhelming value to new golfers, high handicappers or those who simply want to save money while playing a quality driver. The 460cc Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 offset driver is designed to deliver impressive distance and forgiveness through the use of VFT technology and a deep cup face design. The HL2 also has a slight offset hosel design to help fight slice spin and allow the face to square up more often for straighter drives off the tee.

The HL2 is built with a premium 6-4 titanium head and features extreme moments of inertia to promote effortless launch conditions and playability for golfers of moderate swing speeds. The E522 also incorporates Tour Edge’s Diamond Face 2.0 technology which consists of 42 different thin and thick diamond shapes of varying thicknesses behind the face to create a trampoline effect that boosts ball speed on miss-hits and allows slices and fades to go straighter.

The HL2 has a relatively neutral look to it with the exception of a small white alignment aid in the front of the sole. The club has a slightly higher flight than average and moderate amount of spin. Tour Edge recommends the HL2 driver for golfers with a swing speed between 90 and 110 mph.

David Sunnyside
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