Traction Book Review - Getting A Grip On Your Business

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

traction book review

Traction Book Review: Getting A Grip On Your Business

This book is a blueprint for growing your business to the next level. It teaches how to structure your company using Gino Wickman's Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

The EOS method is a business management framework that removes typical frustrations, so your business runs smoothly and grows faster than you ever thought possible. It's based on practical experience, not theory.

Vision is the first key component of the EOS model, and Wickman walks you through each of the eight questions that will help you define your company's vision. He also provides a Vision/Traction Organizer that you can use to map out your vision and develop action steps to make it a reality.

Issues are the next key component of the EOS model, and Gino Wickman explains how to handle issues that arise in your organization. He outlines the high-level company-wide issues that you need to deal with and provides tools for dealing with them effectively.

Employees are a major factor in a company's success or failure, and Wickman teaches how to hire the right people for each position and assign them duties that match their skills and talents. He also provides a tool to rate employees' fit with each job description and the Core Values of the organization.

Growth happens in spurts, and often times it starts slow. You'll then see spikes in your traction as you unlock new strategies. Then, growth will plateau again as your traction channels become saturated and you need to switch tactics.

David Sunnyside
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