Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The UDR drives like those big desert race trucks you see racing on MavTV and is a pleasure to drive. The incredible suspension steup allows it to float over the dips and lumber over the crests with fantastic body control and a lot of wheel travel.

The chassis is authentically scale with the same 4 link solid rear axle design as true unlimited desert race trucks. Traxxas has also included a massive amount of detail including cantilever sway bars, 8 GTR shocks, class lights, and an interior complete with driver and navigator figures.

A 2.4Ghz pistol grip transmitter with a great range and advanced features such as digital servo gain, throttle ramp, and ESC telemetry is fitted. It can accept two 3S LiPo batteries for 6S power and has a compartment to hold the spare battery under the 'radiator fans' at the back of the truck. Early purchasers were gifted a bluetooth module allowing connection to your phone to activate telemetry functions on the VXL-6s ESC.

The Velineon VXL-6s waterproof ESC and brushless motor are powerful enough to reach 30mph with 4S LiPo and 50mph with 6S LiPo. A massive 2200Kv motor puts its power down via the centre diff and the aluminium motor mounting plate utilises a pin system to ensure correct meshing, this is essential in such a powerful truck. The tires are glued BFGoodrich Baja KR3 replicas with inserts on dual diameter 17mm beadlock wheels. These are hard reliable great wheels capable of taking the pounding this monster can dish out. They require modification for sand driving as the breather holes in the wheel hub must be taped over to prevent sand buildup, this stops sand from causing extra load stress on the differentials and gears.

David Sunnyside
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