Trick Or Plumbing: A Clean Drain Won't Scare You

October 10, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

You probably won't be thinking about plumbing as Halloween approaches. Almost all of your efforts go toward assisting your kids in choosing freaky costumes, buying candy for the neighborhood children, and carving the spooky pumpkins you'll display on your front porch. The latter, however, has a direct connection to plumbing because, when getting ready for Halloween, pumpkin seeds and pulp are frequently carelessly dumped down the drain. So, stop household hack-ups and boo-boos with these super-simple plumbing tricks for keeping your drains clean.

Pumpkin Drain Clog Nightmare

Every year, right around Halloween time, a large number of calls are received by plumbing companies from homeowners needing assistance due to a clogged drain caused by the flushing of pumpkin pulp. Considering the sticky pumpkin pulp, it shouldn't be surprising that the mixture would likely cling to your pipes once it dried after being pushed down the drain.

Halloween Plumbing Safety Tips

Never Pour Pumpkin Guts Down The Drain

It is the most crucial thing you should remember. Throwing pumpkin pulp down the drain won't help break it down like other organic matter, so don't do it. If this happens, immediately call a professional plumber specializing in unclogging drains.

Garbage disposals are also not designed to handle pumpkin seeds, and the blades may be damaged as a result. Similarly, if you fill your dishwashers with pumpkin guts, they will become clogged. You should clean the pumpkin pulp and remove lingering pumpkin seeds before washing these bowls.

Strain Seeds Or Pulp That Escapes During Peeling

If any pulp or seeds escape while peeling, you can catch them in a sieve. With this, you won't have to strain as much to get the trash into the garbage can, and your sink will stay spotless. You may need two filters: one for the pumpkin pulp and one for the seeds. A colander works just as well for this purpose. This will allow you to drain excess liquid so that it doesn't make your dishwasher water dirty.

Put The Pumpkin Guts In The Garbage Can

In a large mixing bowl, combine the pulp from the pumpkin you just gutted. Then wrap the guts in an old newspaper and properly dispose of them in the trash. Children playing with pumpkin seeds should be reminded to throw them away. When washing your hands in the kitchen sink, many plumbing safety tips will tell you to be mindful of any pumpkin pulp that may have remained on your hands.

Don't Use Harsh Drain Cleaners To Clear Your Drain

Pulp isn't the only thing that can clog your drain. Many people use harsh drain cleaners, but this is also bad. These products can damage your pipes, worsening your plumbing problems. Instead of harsh drain cleaners, try a natural solution like baking soda and vinegar. Just pour them down your drain and let them sit overnight before rinsing hot water in the morning.

Final Thoughts

Most people wouldn't think twice about dumping the pumpkin guts and seeds down the drain, but doing so can cause serious plumbing issues. Because of its stickiness, the pulp has a high likelihood of clinging to your pipes and preventing water from flowing. However, the seeds will cause the same issue for your plumbing because they cannot be broken down quickly. You'll need to devise an alternative plan for dealing with the pumpkin's insides in light of this. If not, you might need the help of a professional plumber on Halloween to unclog your drains.

Let's Protect You From A Terrifying Plumbing Disaster!

It's scary to think you may have clogged your kitchen sink drain by flushing pumpkin seeds down the garbage disposal on Halloween night. Don't worry, because you can always call Gray Plumbing and ask for assistance with your clogged drain.


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