Trijicon TA31 ACOG Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

ta31 acog review

Trijicon has long been the go-to manufacturer for rifle combat optics. Their ACOGs are bulletproof, bombproof and incredibly well designed and thought out. They've served their country with distinction and are a great choice for anyone who wants a no-nonsense, reliable sighting system.

The TA31 is the gold standard among the ACOG models. It's a compact 4x scope that features the chevron reticle. The reticle is illuminated by tritium for use in low light. It's also easy to see in daylight and is very clear. The only drawback is that it doesn't have very high eye relief.

Another great thing about the ta31 is that it can be used with a micro red dot. The mount is built into the design of the ACOG and the mounting system is incredibly robust and durable. This is a great feature for CQB where you need to be able to quickly transition between close-range and long range targets.

One drawback to the TA31 is that the tritium will eventually die. This can be a major problem, especially if you have to rely on the reticle for illumination in a dark environment. However, there are now battery powered ACOGs that have found a way to avoid this issue. There's also the option of adding a Trijicon RMR to your ACOG, which is an extremely rugged and miniaturized red dot that works perfectly with ACOGs. This is a great addition for quick-to-range engagements or long-range targeting where you want to be able to adjust your magnification.

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