TriStar Cobra Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

At first glance, the Cobra Force shotgun from TriStar Sporting Arms looks like a traditional 12-gauge pump-action with some interesting features that might be of use in a home defense role. Its Turkish-made, matte-black gun sports a 20-inch cylinder bore barrel and full stock with pistol grip, chambered for 2 3/4-inch and 3-inch shotshells.

Instead of the more conventional system that uses a piston to close the chamber, this model relies on a return spring in the forearm. When the user pulls back on the forearm, the spring releases and a fresh round is chambered. This allows the gun to fire rapidly, without the shooter having to pump a second time.

This system also makes the Cobra Force more compact and maneuverable, which can be a benefit in a small home or apartment. While its short barrel limits the gun's range to about 25 yards, that's still adequate for home defense applications.

The Cobra III Field Synthetic Pump-Action Shotgun is built to last with a durable injection-molded stock and forearm, a rubber recoil pad and a vent-rib chrome-lined barrel. Its 3" chamber is able to run anything from light target loads to heavy buckshot loads and it includes one choke tube (Cyl), choke box and choke wrench.

The Cobra III comes with Picatinny rails atop the receiver and on the underside of the fore-end, allowing users to mount sights, lights, lasers and red dot scopes. A protected, bladed front sight is also included. The shotgun is backed by TriStar's five-year mechanical warranty.

David Sunnyside
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