Trout Magnet Review - How to Fish the Trout Magnet Micro-Jig

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

trout magnet review

Trout Magnets are a simple little micro-jig that can be fished in three different ways to catch trout and panfish. Anglers can fish them under a float, vertically jig them or retrieve them. Whichever method you choose, the trout magnet review has proven that this small jig is one of the best on the market.

Jeff Leland, the man behind this magic lure, created it by experimenting with body shapes and weights until he found the right combination to attract trout. Unlike most lures that are heavier in the head or tail, the trout magnet is perfectly balanced to sink just like a real bait fish. It comes in 33 different colors, and it can be bought separately or as a kit that includes the trout magnet bodies, jigheads and floats.

The most common way to fish the trout magnet is under a float. Anglers can use any standard float they have, but Gaines and Smith recommend their E-Z Trout Float, which is designed to work well with the lure. The float should be set up so that the Trout Magnet is floating about 1 foot above the bottom of the stream. With constant short twitches of the rod tip, the float can be manipulated to give the bait a natural and horizontal presentation that drives trout crazy.

For fishing trout magnets under a float, it is important to find a section of the river, creek or stream that has a pleasant water current. Ideally, the flow should be gentle enough so that you can cast to it without worrying about getting your line caught on any obstacles. A six-foot rod is recommended, and a light line like Yo-Zuri Hybrid or Trilene extra limp four-pound mono in clear works well.

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