Tumble Train Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

All aboard the craziest, wildest and wackiest train in town!

Kids can have hours of fun chasing and trying to catch the Tumble Train. It moves and wiggles for laughs and giggles while changing direction, making unpredictable moves and entertaining sounds to keep kids engaged and laughing. The tracks can also be adjusted for more traditional toy train play.


The Curvy & Wacky Train is the perfect toy for any family. Whether in the living room or kitchen kids can have fun chasing and trying to catch the Tumble train. The train has 2 modes, when it is in mode #1 the train moves forward only and when in mode #2 it randomly reverses directions which encourages kids to get up and move around while chasing after the tumble train. The train is a great toy for any child from age 1+ and it makes a perfect gift idea for any holiday.

I really enjoyed this show & recommend it for any parent looking for a positive tv show that is good for their kids. There is such a great range of characters in the show that kids can relate to. The animation is very well done and it provides children with beautiful scenery, exposure to new vocabulary & positive language modeling.

David Sunnyside
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