Turboant X7 Max Electric Scooter Review 2016

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

For those who want to get around quickly without the hassle of a car, scooters are one way to go. However, when a scooter's engine starts to show its age, it can be hard to know whether it's time for an upgrade.

This year we put some of the best scooters on the market through our rigorous testing process to see how they compare in terms of power, performance and ride quality. We've also made a handy guide to help you pick the right scooter for your needs.

Turboant is a name you can trust when it comes to budget-friendly electric scooters, and the X7 Max doesn't disappoint. It's the latest in a line of go-anywhere scooters that has taken the industry by storm, and it builds on the X7 Pro's winning formula. The show-stopping removable battery remains, but it's been enhanced with new drivetrain hardware to facilitate better energy use and extend the range even further.

The dashing duo of a rear mechanical disc brake and front electronic brake still does a fantastic job of bringing you to a controlled stop, while the plush tires do an outstanding job of absorbing bone-rattling shocks from the road.

The display has had a facelift, appearing brighter and sleeker while delivering stats like speed, battery life and distance with minimal fuss. You can also toggle between three riding modes and activate the deck-embedded headlight and tail light through it. All of this is easily done using just two simple plus and minus buttons, so you can focus on the fun of riding.

David Sunnyside
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