Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

turtle beach ear force z11 review

For a great gaming experience, you need a good set of headphones. Whether you want to hear someone sneak up on you in Fortnite, love the bass in Apex Legends or want to chat with friends over Skype, a headset is essential. There are plenty of choices out there but which one should you choose?

Fortunately, Turtle Beach has a headset for every gamer and budget. Their headsets come in a variety of sizes and styles and are available at price points that make them more affordable than many other gaming headphones. They also offer unique features like Bluetooth capabilities and noise cancelling.

The cheapest Turtle Beach headset is the Recon 200, a wired model that comes with a microphone and multi-platform compatibility. It isn’t comfortable to wear and has a rather under-emphasized bass response but in-game sounds like explosions still come through loud and clear.

Another good option is the Stealth 600, which is an upper mid-range Turtle Beach headset. It has a long 16-hour battery life, support Xbox wireless, and can mix in music from your phone. It’s well-built, and offers a wide range of EQ presets to customize your sound. Its companion app, also available on mobile devices, allows for audio tuning and button remapping.

Those looking for a more casual gaming experience should consider the Battle Buds. These wired earbuds feature a detachable boom mic and are compatible with most gaming systems. They are not as comfortable to wear as some of the other Turtle Beach headsets we have tested, and they have a tendency to leak a bit of sound at higher volumes. However, the microphone is well-built and produces a clear voice for in-game chat.

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