Tutorial on How to Solve The Anti-Cheat Problem in FIFA 23

November 5, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Due to a bug in EA's own anti-cheat software, FIFA 23 is now unplayable for a sizeable portion of the player population. This is because the program is unable to properly check itself, and as a result, it will not allow the game to be launched. The majority of gamers choose to get their FUT 23 coins via legitimate means, such as buymmog, since doing so is considered to be the more prudent choice.

If you were expecting to play FIFA 23 through Steam or Origin but are unable to get it to load up, you are not alone in this frustration. A significant number of FIFA 23 players are reporting issues with the game's anti-cheat mechanism.

A number of users have reported that the game is incompatible with other anti-cheat or DRM software installed on their personal computers, and a great number of other players have vented their frustrations over the game by leaving reviews on Steam that are now "mainly unfavorable." It is difficult to determine how widespread this problem is; nevertheless, it seems that only a small percentage of players are able to access the game, and it has also caused problems for a great number of players. EA is working hard to resolve all the problems as quickly as they can. Not exactly the big old farewell that supporters were anticipating at the time, not even close, at least not yet. EA Sports' FIFA CM Shelden Rogers mainly reiterates what has already been said, but he does add that "one of the immediate improvements the devs are looking to implement is updated error messaging to help better inform players of the issues in question and troubleshooting steps, and we're also looking at addressing other stability issues for FIFA 23 on PC." Sheldon Rogers mainly reiterates what has already been said, but he does add that "one of the immediate improvements the devs are looking to implement is updated error messaging

There is currently no ETA for the repair. You would probably be best served, in the meanwhile, to give this entry a little bit of a hip-swerve for the time being. Anti-cheat is undoubtedly necessary for any modern competitive experience, but when it prevents the game from operating for the majority of players, it is plainly an own goal. Anti-cheat is obviously necessary for any current competitive experience, particularly one of the size of FIFA. EA has recognized the problem, and there is a workaround of sorts that appears to cure the problem, so let's have a look at what you need to do in order to access the title despite the fact that there are undoubtedly some people who seem to be able to access the game anyway.

Give Steam Or Origin Administrator Permission

Start FIFA 23 after running Steam or Origin as an administrator by right-clicking on the launch icons and choosing "run as administrator." When the confirmation pop-up displays, pick yes from the menu, and then start the game.


Find the folder titled "EA anti-cheat," run the ” EAAntiCheat. Installer.exe” program, wait for it to finish installing, and then exit the program. Launch FIFA 23 from the platform of your choice after performing a right-click and deleting the EAAntiCheat.Installer.exe file. This will cause anti-cheat to be reinstalled forcibly, and maybe it will allow you to bypass the problems.

Reinstall FIFA 23 Right away

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the game could be your best chance if you truly want to play FIFA 23, even if it's definitely the one that's going to be the most pain in the rear end. After starting up Steam or Origin in administrator mode, removing FIFA 23 from your system, and then reinstalling the game, you should finally be able to go in and play a game of football at this point.


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