Two Can Play That Game Is Coming to the Stage

March 17, 2024
David Sunnyside

A decade after its release, 2001's Two Can Play That Game has carved out an important place in the pantheon of black movies. It was nominated for an Oscar and starred Morris Chestnut and Vivica Fox, both of whom have gone on to have long, prosperous careers in film, television and theater. Its influence on representations of black life has been outsized, too.

The story focuses on Shante Smith (Vivica Fox), who dispenses relationship advice to her girlfriends and is seen as an expert in the ways of men. Her ideals are tested when her boyfriend, Keith Fenton (Morris Chestnut), tries to stray. To teach him a lesson, she sets up an elaborate plan full of tricks and games, including pretending to be interested in another man, which he quickly discovers.

She uses her own strategy against him, and he ends up confessing his love for her and promising to never cheat again. The film's final scene has an outsized amount of tension that feels almost like a climactic moment in a play, but it isn't as satisfying as the rest of the movie.

The production team behind the film are reviving it for the stage, with Je'Caryous Johnson directing and serving as Executive Producer. He has rounded up a cast of powerhouse actors that reads as a who's who in the world of film, television and music: Columbus Short, RonReaco Lee, Gary Dourdan, Carl Payne, Porsha Williams and Anthony Anderson all reprise their roles from the original movie.

David Sunnyside
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