Two Can Play That Game

November 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

In 2001, 2 can play that game made Vivica Fox a star, a role she played for years. The romantic comedy was well received and enjoyed wide appeal. It also featured an all-star cast that included Morris Chestnut, Tamala Jones, Gabrielle Union, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Mo’nique, Gary Dourdan, and Bobby Brown.

Shante Smith (Vivica Fox) is a woman who is so adept at the game of love that her girlfriends turn to her for relationship advice. However, when her own beau Keith (Morris Chestnut) starts to step out on her, Shante’s rules of the game are put to the test.

Unlike most rom-coms, Two Can Play That Game doesn’t dumb down its story or operate like a “how to” guidebook. It instead uses the characters as a study in gendered behavior and how women are perceived by men. It’s a smart and funny film that takes the old adage to heart: two can play that game.

Je’Caryous Johnson returns to the director’s chair for this new stage adaptation of the film. Johnson has become known for turning popular African-American literature into hits on Broadway and across the country. He will stay true to the original movie while adding some twists and turns that will be fresh and exciting. The production is set to begin the fall of 2022 in New York City. Check back for more information on tickets and cast.

David Sunnyside
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