Types of services provided by a law firm in Sydney

December 7, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

In Sydney, over 200,000 court cases are heard each year. Consequently, the NSW Supreme Court is one of the busiest courts in Australia. Here are some types of cases heard in Sydney:

● Traffic matters and criminal law

● Personal injury claims like slip and fall, car accident injuries, compensation law

● Family law matters

● Retirement advice

● Estate planning and litigation

If you need legal assistance for your issue, there is no doubt that you will be looking for a law firm. However, finding a Sydney-based law firm can take a lot of work. For example, you need to research the expertise of the attorney you have chosen, their fees, the type of cases in which they have met success, credibility in the market, etc. In addition, you must also know the kind of services a law firm provides and whether or not it fits your needs.

Below are some cases that skilled law services in Sydney provide.

Compensation and personal injury claims

A personal injury claim is a process to seek compensation for injuries suffered due to another person's negligence. Personal injury claims may be complex and can be stressful if the case goes to court. You can learn more about making a personal injury claim or applying for compensation by speaking with your lawyer. They can help you with the following aspects:

● Establish your claim and explain the circumstances of your accident appropriately in court.

● Gather evidence such as medical records, witness statements, police reports, and photographs.

● Set up a team for investigation and pieces of evidence.

Some firms in Sydney follow the no-win no-fee rule, wherein the lawyers do not charge you if you don't win your case.

Will and Estate

A will is a document that tells how you want your estate to be distributed after death. Your estate refers to all your assets, such as property and money. It also has debts, such as loans you owe to other people or organizations. The value of all these things together is known as the net estate. When you die, your estate will be allocated to the people who inherit it. This happens under a legal process called probate. Your executor must apply for probate if you still need to make a will. They do this by submitting an application to the court and providing documents that prove their authority to act on your behalf.

The retirement village and aged care industry are complex in Australia. To know the level of Government-funded services you are eligible for, you must go through the Aged Care Assessment process. A legal expert can help you understand the process better. They can help you in various ways, like estate planning, administration, dispute settlement, and retirement planning.

Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is a legal action that can be initiated when a person dies, and there is a dispute over the distribution of their estate. This can include:

● The deceased's will was not adequately prepared or signed.

● The deceased did not have a will.

● The property in the deceased's estate belongs to someone else (i.e. if an heir has been wrongly excluded from the estate).

Suppose you need to undertake litigation about your loved one's estate. In that case, it maybe beneficial for you to seek legal advice from a law firm with experience in these Matters.

Family law and issues

A law firm in Sydney can help you with your family law issues. They will assist with the following cases:

● Child custody, including child abduction and domestic violence.

● Divorce, including property division and asset division.

● Spousal maintenance.

● Support issues include alimony and child support.

● Post-divorce matters.

● Child visitation.

● Grandparent visitation.

Criminal offenses

Criminal offenses are the most severe types of crimes. They are offenses punishable by law and therefore attract criminal penalties upon conviction. In some cases, these penalties may include imprisonment or other forms of punishment. Criminal offenses tend to be investigated by police officers and prosecuted by a state or federal government.

The investigation process usually involves gathering evidence against you before charges are laid to have your case heard in court. A court hearing is where both sides lay out their case before a judge or magistrate, who will then determine whether or not they believe your actions warranted criminal charges being laid against you.

The magistrate or judge will rule on whether there is sufficient evidence to make such an assessment based on what they know before making any decisions about this issue (such as whether someone should be found guilty).

Property Laws

While you might think property laws apply only to buildings, this is not the case. Property law deals with land ownership, structures, and people's rights to use them. It also covers the transfer of ownership and what happens if someone dies without leaving a will. You may be able to claim the executor of the will if they mishandle or improperly distribute an estate. For legal advice, you must find a law firm with extensive experience. Property law is an umbrella term that covers several different areas. You might already know some of them, such as landlord and tenant law. So, if there is any legal hassle, you must look for a Sydney-based law firm to assist with your case. A law firm can provide various services per the case requirements. Get personalized guidance that suits your preferences.


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