Unique Business Conference Ideas

September 20, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

It's that time again. The time for a conference for your business. Are you looking to switch things up for a special meeting, or are you wanting to spruce up your run-of-the-mill quarterly catch-up?

Whatever it is, it can be really positive to have a change, which is why this piece is composed of a few unique business ideas that you can use for your next meeting.

The right space can help encourage enthusiasm, excitement, and productivity – so choose wisely! Below, you will find five unique and different ideas to try out in your business.

Get Camping

If you are a small but intimate company that wants to do something a little different, or you want to take everyone's thinking outside of the box, then pairing a conference with a team-building exercise such as camping could be a great option.

Why not ditch the conference room for a change and choose a campfire as your meeting table? This unconventional setting can help promote camaraderie, remove the very often stifling formality, and set the stage for genuine connection, improving your business, employee relationships, and overall atmosphere.

Go Tech Free

Step into a world before smartphones ruled lives (Do you remember?) and get back to the good old days for everyone's attention span. Hosting a conference that bans all tech gadgets can help encourage everyone to engage in face-to-face conversations, networking, and brainstorming without digital distractions.

Switch up The Destination

Why stick to the same old city if you don't want the same old ideas? If it is possible, take your conference to a new destination each year. This not only can help fresh energy, but it also gives people a chance to enjoy diverse cultures and ideas. Take a look at historic venues for business conferences to choose something unique and enjoyable for a good hybrid of fun and work.

Reverse Roles with Your Employees

Have you ever wondered what being in your employee's shoes is like? A conference led by employees can be a useful way for you to get their perspective on plenty of different things and boost their confidence. It can also be a great way to see where people are at their strongest as employees. Let them take the lead by organizing and presenting at the conference, and see what they can bring to light for you and the business.

TED-Talk Style

If you are familiar with Ted Talks, you will know it is a great way to let people share their ideas, plans, and innovations with other people. It can be an easy, bite-sized format and work well for a conference with a twist.

To do this, give your employees a chance to shine with their own "TED Talk" moments. This can not only boost their presentation skills, but it can also share with you any internal success stories and strategies that you might be unaware of. It will be a platform where people can speak freely, undisturbed, and put forward new ideas for the company.


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