Until Dawn Multiplayer Review

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

until dawn multiplayer

Until Dawn stands as one of the premier horror games released recently, offering a great blend of story development and action gameplay. Its cinematic graphics and unique choice system add to a truly enjoyable gameplay experience.

This game follows eight friends as they find themselves trapped in a mountain cabin and terrorized by a serial killer. There's a butterfly effect system where making choices will alter the storyline; additionally, there's a great cast and some scare-inducing jump scares!


Supermassive Games' debut entry into teen slasher horror gaming was Until Dawn, which proved the efficacy of interactive stories like these. With its branching narrative structure, butterfly effect system, use of quick time events and immersive world building it received high marks from critics; also inspiring sequels including Rush of Blood VR game and prequel The Quarry.

Dead by Daylight is another must-play for fans of Until Dawn, offering online multiplayer action with various survivors and killers to choose from - perfect for sharing the action with friends! PS Plus subscribers can even get it for free! The game can be found exclusively on PlayStation 4.


The game centers on an ensemble of friends who converge at a remote mountain retreat for a night of camping and partying. Their fates ultimately depend on your actions; players can choose which of eight playable characters to save as part of this dynamic tale.

One of the most endearing characters in the game is Mike, an amusing ladies' man who proves himself an unlikely hero as the game progresses. Devoted to his friends and dedicated to keeping them safe at any cost, Mike is determined to ensure their well-being at any cost.

Beth, who witnesses her twin sister's tragic death from an elaborate prank gone wrong, also plays an integral role in this game; while not as prominently, her actions have an enormous influence over its final result.


Until Dawn is an interactive horror game that allows players to take on various characters throughout a storyline. Your decisions will have an effect on each character and how they interact with one another; while quick-time events and clues help move along the plot.

The Quarry is a spiritual successor of Until Dawn and follows a group of teenagers as they try to survive their last night at summer camp. Starring famous Hollywood actors, The Quarry offers an interactive plot that can have significant effects on its final outcome.

The Quarry will offer two ways for players to join forces: local couch co-op and online wolf pack mode. However, multiplayer functionality will only be accessible between console generations.


Though Until Dawn lacks the sprawling open worlds of other titles, it does offer players an engaging narrative-focused adventure. Your decisions will have an effectful ripple effect across each one of their lives as they vacation at an old cabin in the woods.

Play Until Dawn and you will become very acquainted with Beth, Sam, Chris, Jessica, Emily, Matt and Josh by game's end. Each character possesses distinct traits and will experience hardships of their own throughout.

Supermassive Games has since released The Quarry as the spiritual successor of Until Dawn, offering similar interactive experience but with greater character development and less jump scares.

Final Words

Until Dawn made an impressive statement with its slasher-inspired story and celebrity cast. Its gameplay was revolutionary in that players could make choices that led to different paths and endings; additionally, it introduced the butterfly effect wherein even minor decisions can lead to large scale consequences.

This game may not match up to the long form teen horror flicks it pays tribute to, but its story and cinematics still provide plenty of entertainment value. Plus there are multiple modes of gameplay such as couch co-op for up to five players!

Like its predecessor Until Dawn, Man of Medan features multiple narrative paths and major decisions that will shape its characters' destinies. Furthermore, its active progression carries over between runs to offer new build opportunities.

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