USA Standard Gear Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

usa standard gear review

USA Standard Gear constructs their drivetrain components with durable materials that can withstand the demanding conditions of off-road driving. XDP carries a wide selection of USA Standard Gear Ford Super Duty and GM Silverado/Sierra drivetrain parts including axle shafts, perfect fit driveshafts, differential carriers, lockers, and ring & pinions. Each component is manufactured to factory specifications and fits directly in the OEM locations on your Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series, or GM truck.

USA Standard offers a variety of ring and pinion gears with a large range of ratios. Each set is built using superior manufacturing techniques and backed by a one year warranty. Whether you're towing, hauling equipment, racing, or simply want more power for the road, changing the gears on your vehicle is a simple way to increase performance.

Complete spider gear kits are available with all the necessary components to install a new ring and pinion. These kits come with a high quality koyo ring gear and pinion seal, crush sleeve, bearing carrier and races, a pinion seal, oil baffles, marking compound and brush.

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