UST Helium Black 4 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

ust helium black 4 review

The Helium Black 4 and Helium Black 5 are the latest releases from UST Mamiya, a manufacturer known for their lightweight, low resin, high stability designs. Both models are available in a variety of flex ratings, making them perfect for players with a wide range of swing speeds and abilities. However, there are a few key differences between the two shafts that should be noted.

The Helium black 4 is a counterbalanced shaft, designed to offset the weight of heavier, wider modern driver heads. This design helps increase stability of the shaft and allows you to get more distance out of your driver. The Helium black shaft is also low-resin, which allows UST Mamiya to reduce overall shaft weight while still maintaining stiffness and control.

Helium Black uses premium materials in innovative ways to provide a feel and stability never seen before in a light weight shaft structure. This design is perfect for the golfer seeking longer builds and incredible control.

Choosing the best ust helium black 4 review for your game comes down to personal preferences and your own individual swing dynamics. The softer Helium Black 4 will be better for those with slower swing speeds, while the harder Helium Black 5 is a good option for players with faster swing speeds who want to maximize their distance.

The UST Mamiya Helium line is the company’s top selling graphite shaft. It is a popular choice among OEMs for their stock drivers and fairway woods because of its combination of stability with lightweight engineering. The Helium Black is available in a wide range of flexes, kick points, and counterbalance options.

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