UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F3 Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

UST Mamiya recoil 95 f3 review

You wouldn’t settle for steel shafts in your woods, so why put up with them in your irons? UST Mamiya has packed the performance of graphite golf shafts typically reserved for driver and fairway woods into a series of specialized shafts designed specifically for your irons. Featuring easier launches, more efficient energy transfer and tighter manufacturing tolerances, UST Mamiya iron shafts are allowing players of all ability levels to enjoy the benefits of better feel, consistency, and increased distance from their iron set.

The UST Mamiya Recoil iron shafts deliver great feel, tour level control, and stability in a lightweight design. The shafts are available in a variety of weights, flexes, and finishes that allow you to customize the performance for your unique swing.

UST Mamiya’s revolutionary carbon fiber recoil shaft uses denser graphite to decrease the wall thickness of the shaft without losing any stiffness or stability. As a result, the shaft is lighter than the steel shaft it replaces. The new thinner wall construction also reduces vibration at impact, which makes mishits feel like a solid contact, not a bad miss. The soft, solid feel of the recoil 95 is a game changer for the discerning irons player.

UST Mamiya’s proprietary process ensures that all UST Mamiya iron shafts produce the same consistent quality, and are engineered to fit perfectly in your club head. These shafts are manufactured to discrete lengths to match the shaft flex of each iron they are installed in, ensuring you get the right feel and launch with your irons.

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