Vallon Sunglasses Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you are on a hike, biking, or out on your boat, these sunglasses are designed to perform in a range of outdoor conditions. With polarized lenses and a removable headstrap, they'll keep up with you while staying comfortable. The frame is fabricated from premium cellulose acetate, which is flexy and durable without the use of petroleum-based materials. They're also lightweight and shatterproof, and the polarized Category 3 lens provides a clear vision far surpassing industry standards while reducing glare.

The Heron Mountain sunglasses are a good choice for anyone who wants to blend retro style with practical outdoor performance. Unlike regular sunglasses, they have leather side shields and a removable centerpiece that fully cover your eyes, protecting them from harsh conditions like dust and wind. Combined with the slender frame, these shades are designed to fit comfortably under your helmet.

This pair of aviators from Vallon is an update on the classics that everyone used to wear. They are made from acetate, which is softer and more comfortable on the face than other plastic options. The slender arms have decorative hinges, and the lenses are anti-smudge and hydrophobic so they won't fog up easily. They are also UV protected, with an ABBE rating of 52 which is good enough to meet or exceed most standards.

One of the things that really sets these sunglasses apart is the packaging. While most sunglasses arrive in a flimsy cloth bag, these come in a stylish faux-leather case that feels as high quality as the glasses themselves. The brand is also committed to environmental sustainability, with a 1kg of plastic being collected and recycled for every pair sold.

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