Valore Shower Panel Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

valore shower panel review

Nothing refreshes and rejuvenates like a hot shower after a long day. So why not bring your bathroom closer to a spa feeling with each shower by installing a high quality stainless steel shower panel? The VS-1205 lifestyle shower panel by Valore is the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade their bathroom without breaking the bank. The VS-1205 is made of premium 304-gauge stainless steel that’s coated with a non-permeable nanotechnology compound which prevents fingerprints, dust and water stains from attaching to it. Its ergonomic flat panel design has a high-end look and is angled for optimum coverage to achieve a ’rainfall’ shower experience.

The VS-1201 also features three super-slim disc shower jets that rotate in place to give the panel an exceptional sophisticated look, as well as a premium grade shower head and brass hand shower. A soap holder shelf made of tempered glass keeps your shower essentials close at hand for convenient use. The shower head features multiple rubber nozzles that resist clogging and can easily be cleaned by wiping across the surface. The shower wand is a generous length for comfort and complete shower control.

This shower panel installs in 30 minutes or less, simply connecting to your existing showerhead outlet and does not require plumbing modifications to your shower fixture.

David Sunnyside
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