Vapor True Wireless Earbuds Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

vapor true wireless earbuds review

If you're looking for a pair of high-end true wireless earbuds, the vapor true wireless earbuds are an excellent choice. They have a well-balanced sound profile, with thump and punch in the bass range, while vocals and instruments sound bright and clear. They also have an app with graphic EQ, presets and 'MySound' features to customize their sound if you're not fond of their default profile.

They're comfortable for long listening sessions, and the case offers three additional charges if you run out of juice during your workout. Their noise cancelling (ANC) system blocks out a lot of ambient sounds, whether you're traveling by bus or working in the office, meaning you can focus on your music without being bothered by the distractions around you.

The vapor true wireless earbuds also support Apple's Find My Earbuds feature, which can help you track down your lost headphones if you misplace them. But they're not as responsive to inputs as other earbuds we've tested, and they lag a bit when connecting to Bluetooth devices.

The vapor true wireless earbuds have a secure & comfy fit, with stability fins to keep them in your ears when you're on the go. They have a good battery life, lasting up to 11 hours on one charge. But they lack a lot of features that more expensive earbuds have, including an equalizer in the companion app.

David Sunnyside
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