Various methods through which LMS contributes in improving Examinations undertaken Online

December 8, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Online education has made it possible for both teachers and students to undertake examinations and provide assignments at the click of a button. During the pandemic when lockdown was implemented across the world, it was through online education that teachers were able to undertake examinations on a regular basis.

Initially one of the major problems that was faced by the teachers as well as the administrators of the Educational Institutes was administering the exams and providing the question paper to the students. This was mainly because of the fact that unlike in offline classes, teachers found it difficult to develop more than one question paper in order to maintain fairness in the examinations.

It is at this point of time that the concept of LMS gained popularity and provided an outlet for the Teachers to improve the exam taking process. Through the use of the LMS portal, it became possible for the teachers to provide question papers to the students at the same time and ensure that fairness was being maintained.

Another major feature that supported the teachers was taking into consideration the ability of the class when it came to undertaking examinations. In most cases teachers found it difficult to understand the progress made by the students in the classroom. However, using the Learning Management System software, it became quite easy.

Objective of LMS

The major objective of the LMS software is to design a specific plan and execute the same in order to better understand the learning outcomes. Besides providing support to the Teacher's it also allows in assisting for the documentation, admission, tracking as well as the administration requirements.

Another major benefit that is associated with the technology is that it works effortlessly with that software for school management. In this way it allows better support to the administrators in maintaining the day to day activities and continuing their efficiency.

However, the main objective of the software is to support the teaching experience and allow teachers to be able to conduct skill analysis of the students. Through its wide range of features it becomes possible for the teachers to manage the everyday learning activities.

Contribution of LMS to managing exams

In the upcoming section list of reasons has been explained to understand how the Learning Management System software supposes the teachers during examinations and assignments.

Better student assessment

Using this technology becomes possible for the Teachers to check the progress made by the students after every class has been undertaken. This is done in the form of taking quizzes and class discussions after every topic is finished.

In this way it becomes easier for the Teachers to understand whether the students have understood the topic that was being talked to them. Based on the understanding of the students the teachers can thereby develop examination questions and undertake the same to achieve better results.

In this way the teachers are able to gather clarity on the ability of a student to learn something new and how they are able to process it.

Easy Access

Another major factor that contributes towards supporting the teachers during times of examination and assignment is having easy access to the resource materials as well as student data. The teachers can essentially take help from the LMS portals to understand the chapters that have been completed.

Based on the same they can start designing questions for assignments and tests, and provide grades to the students accordingly. in this way the teachers will not need to have to go through all the chapters to outline which areas can be considered to be suitable for the examination.

Better insight

The benefits that are provided to the use of the Technologies is that it provides better insight to the teachers. The teachers have easy access to the data that provides them with useful information about what is currently going on in the class and the areas that need improvement.

This allows the teacher to have clarity on the areas that the students are suffering and thereby developing curriculum based on their needs. In this way it becomes easier to develop questions and take tests and also expect better results from the students.


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