Vaterra Halix Review - 4WD Monster Truck With AVC Stabilization

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

vaterra halix review

Ready-To-Run 4WD Brushless Monster Truck With AVC

The Vaterra Halix represents a new era in performance, speed and stability. A Dynamite 3300kv sensorless brushless motor paired to a 2S-3S compatible ESC make this one of the fastest and most powerful monster trucks on the market today.

AVC (Active Vehicle Control)

The Halix has everything you need to take full advantage of its amazing power system thanks to Spektrum's latest innovation, AVC stabilization technology. This revolutionary system utilizes sensors to adjust steering and throttle output ensuring that you maintain maximum grip even in the harshest driving environments.


The stock setup felt great, the Halix was easy to turn on a dime and had lots of steering going into corners. The tires provided plenty of mechanical grip and helped carry a lot of speed through the arch.


The big MT tires gave the Halix plenty of grip on the green stuff, and we had no problems getting it through the gnarly grass. It did suffer from a bit of cogging on the low bite and super loamy sections, but overall it did well.


The Halix is a beast in the air and makes easy work of back and front flips. It has loads of power and no center diff so it can jump flat out from almost any jump face, and the stock suspension settings felt good right out of the box. The tires also helped soak up the landings in a proper manner.

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