Vice Pro Soft and Vice Tour Golf Balls Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

vice pro soft golf balls review

The Vice golf ball lineup is a great option for players looking to save some money on their rounds this summer. The balls are affordable but still offer top performance.

The three-piece Vice Pro Soft is a great choice for average or slow swing speeds who want to maximize spin around the greens. It’s 30 compression points softer than the Vice Pro Plus, so it’s ideal for those who struggle to find distance off the tee or need help with short game control.

It has a durable cast urethane cover and comes in white, lime, or red for those who like to make their golf balls stand out on the course. It also has a KIL (Keep in Line) alignment tool built into the ball to help you on your approach shots and putting.

The four-piece Vice Pro Plus is a great option for advanced players who are searching for a premium golf ball at an affordable price. It has a larger core than many of the premium golf balls on the market and a dual mantle that increases driver distance without increasing spin.

The Vice Tour is a great choice for women who are searching for distance in a ball. This ball has a dual mantle that offers higher launch and lower spin, allowing women to get more speed on their drives while minimizing their hooks. The Tour is also a great choice for slower swing speeds who need extra feel and consistency on shorter irons.

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