Victory Magnum X-1 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

victory magnum x1 review

For the most part, Victory bikes don’t shy away from pushing the envelope. The Magnum X-1 is no exception. It’s a bagger that’s more aggressive than most, with 21-inch front wheels and oxymoronic paint schemes that push the boundaries between over-the-top and just plain garish.

The X-1 also pumps up the volume, with a 200-Watt sound system that includes 10 speakers in the fairing and saddlebags. Housed in the saddlebag lids, the speakers are styled to fit into the overall look of the bike and feature color-matched speaker grills. The system operates just like the systems in many other baggers, with controls on the left handlebar for thumbing through modes and tunes.


One of the advantages of being a newcomer to the cruiser market is that Victory didn’t have to work around established design traits. Instead, its designers were free to hone the looks of the Magnum and other Victory models to create something that stands out from the crowd of American-made cruisers. While appreciation of this is entirely subjective, the sweeping lines and sharp angles of the Magnum do deliver an alternative to the traditional aesthetic of H-D and Indian heavies.

And while the Magnum’s 88 hp and 105 ft-lbs of torque engine isn’t as powerful as that of H-D’s Street Glide, it still packs plenty of punch and offers a great riding experience. Plus, with automotive-quality cruise control and Victory’s antilock braking system, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

David Sunnyside
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