Vision Computer Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Vision computer review is the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on imparting human instincts and abilities to computers, specifically visual understanding. This includes identifying, interpreting and processing images and videos. It encompasses all the subfields of AI that involve capturing, recognizing, modelling, analysing and generating shapes and images. This includes a broad range of methods like feature detection, object recognition and facial analysis.

It takes massive amounts of data and repeated iterations to help a computer learn what it’s seeing. Neural networks, a subset of machine learning, are the primary tools for this task. Convolutional neural networks use image data to identify rudimentary shapes and hard edges, and then patch the gaps and execute iterations until they can accurately ‘see’ the desired output in an image or video.

The goal is to have a computer system that can recognize objects in any orientation or lighting conditions and do what humans can do. The technology is already making a big impact in many industries. For example, retail giants are using it to automate product assembly and speed up the checkout process. In manufacturing, it’s being used to inspect materials for defects and contaminants. It’s also transforming the way currencies are inspected to flag counterfeits.

Self-driving cars rely on the vision capability to monitor the road and identify things like pedestrians, traffic lights and road signs. Even the app that modifies a picture of someone’s face to make them look different is based on a form of computer vision.

David Sunnyside
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