Vizio 55 Class 1080p LED Smart HDTV - E55-C2 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

vizio 55 class 1080p led smart hdtv  e55c2 review

Vizio TVs are some of the best budget options on the market. They usually have great picture quality for their price, with excellent native contrast ratios and wide color gamuts. They also tend to have good gaming features, such as FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to reduce screen tearing in games. However, compared to some other mid-range to high-end brands, their display is sometimes less bright and their upscaling leaves something to be desired.

The E55-C2 has a decent peak brightness, which is enough to work in most rooms. Its black uniformity is also very good, and there is little cloudiness even in dark scenes. Its response time is good, too, so there is very little blur behind fast-moving objects. It is also a good choice for gaming, thanks to its low input lag and support for a variable refresh rate in the Game mode. However, it cannot display 4k @ 120Hz signals, so it is not a great choice for new-generation console gaming.

This Vizio comes with a basic remote, but you can get a more advanced one from Vizio if you want. It also has voice controls that you can use to change inputs or open apps, although it doesn't have a Numpad like some other TVs with this feature. It is also one of the few TVs that doesn't have a full app store, so you can't download any extra apps. The SmartCast interface on this TV is often laggy and crashes, and it can be difficult to find recommended content.

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