Vox AC4C1 Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you’re looking for that classic Vox “chime” or the modern high-gain sound, this is a fantastic little amp. It’s got the simple controls to get you up and running in no time and the open back cabinet with 12” Celestion speaker makes it gig ready.

The Vox ac4c1 review is one of the most popular small tube amps on the market today. Not a reissue of any particular AC4 model, this new version is designed for today’s practice and recording guitarists. Powered by an EL84-driven Top Boost circuit beloved of those 60s Brit bands (and the world ever since), this new iteration delivers the tone you want to hear in a compact, convenient package.

This mini combo features a very simple control layout, with just Gain, Bass, and Treble to worry about. The diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl exterior carries on the traditional Vox looks and the rounded corners and Tygon fretcloth keep it safe from the bumps and bruises of life on the road.

While the 30 watts of full tube power is great for live use, it’s not always the best fit for your home or a tiny practice space. That’s why Vox created the AC4 Custom, a smaller, more manageable little amp that offers the classic Top Boost tone circuit in a more practical package. Especially when paired with a decent humbucker pickup, this little amp can sound surprisingly big. It can also be used in a 1x12 cabinet to bring out even more of that famous Vox sound.

David Sunnyside
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