Wahl Magic Clip Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Wahl Magic Clip cordless barber clipper is a great tool for barbers as it comes with a smooth taper lever designed to offer ease and convenience during fading and blending. It is also a great tool for haircutting in general as it can cut through hair quickly and efficiently. In addition, it has a very powerful rotary motor that is very versatile.

Unlike most clippers, this model is very light and comfortable to hold for long periods of time which makes it ideal for barbers. It also has a designated area where you can slide your fingers and support it with your thumb from above which helps to keep your hands from cramping after using it for a while. It is also a lot quieter than other cordless clippers.

It comes with a set of eight attachment combs that are adjustable to different sizes of cuts. The combs fit securely on the clipper and do not produce any wobble. However, they are prone to rusting over time if not regularly oiled. The wahl magic clip is a very lightweight and versatile clipper and is suitable for almost any type of cut.

The Wahl Magic Clip and 5 Star Senior are two of the most popular models of barber clippers on a global scale. They are both professional-grade clippers that come with a wide variety of blades. However, the Magic Clip has 2161 blades which are primarily used for fading and blending while the Designer has 1005 universal blades that can be used for many purposes. The Magic Clip is lighter than the Designer and has a longer runtime of 90 minutes with its Li-ion battery. It is priced a bit higher than the Designer though.

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